Areas of expertise

Content Analysis

Taking a full view of your industry and your current content to establish which mediums and methods will work.

Content Creation & Reporting

Blogs, buyer guides, surveys, maps, interactive content and more. Build something meaningful for your brand.

Building Backlinks

The content I create earns backlinks, which have long been considered the #1 SEO ranking factor.

us search award


View the content marketing campaign for personalized book publisher In The Book that earned unprecedented coverage and links on its way to winning the “Best Use of PR in a Search Campaign” trophy at the US Search Awards 2021.


I’m an SEO professional from London (England, not Ohio) who’s recently moved to beautiful Cleveland OH with my wife. I have 6+ years’ experience using SEO to increase leads and sales for brands ranging from small local businesses to publicly traded companies.

I specialize in implementing SEO solutions that align with your business goals. I love working with businesses that want to grow.

What makes US different from your CONTENT MARKETING agency?

Pay by project

Agencies can string you along by getting you into lengthy monthly contracts. The reality is, some content marketing work may only need to be done once. I ensure we set clear project goals based on the initial audit and make sure you’re only paying for what needs to be done in order to start seeing results.

Different strokes for different folks

I understand that your business and requirements are unique. I work with you to implement solutions that work for you.

You get a specialist dedicating 100% of my time to you, no outsourcing

While expansion is a goal of mine, at the moment it’s just me here. I have 6+ years’ experience in all facets of SEO, digital PR and content marketing and I love sharing my knowledge directly with clients.

More transparent than the windows on the Terminal Tower

All spreadsheets, all strategies, all data shared with you. I leave no doubt.

A Tailored Approach Within a Winning Framework



The goal here is to look at your industry landscape and assess what sort of content is performing well. We could come up with some awesome ideas but we need to present them in the correct medium to ensure they’ll resonate with your audience.

This could range from blog posts and whitepapers to infographics and larger interactive content. Research is the most important part of the campaign.



Now we know what works well, it’s time to build out the content. This could be assets on your own site to assist customers, or standalone assets designed to earn media coverage and backlinks.



Good content earns coverage. The content we create will be designed to earn backlinks and mentions from high-authority websites and publications relevant to your niche, thus helping to improve the website’s authority and ultimately, keyword rankings.

Links to a website have long been the #1 SEO ranking factor, and the impact of a good off-page SEO campaign cannot be understated with regards to increasing domain authority, rankings, and traffic.

Fun Fact: Content Marketing Started in Cleveland

Okay, the act of using content to market your businesses isn’t native to Cleveland, but the man who came up with the literal phrase “content marketing”, is! Joe Pulizzi founded the Content Marketing Institute; he’s widely regarded as one of the top minds in online marketing today.

Why Content Marketing?

  • Increases your authority in your industry
  • Helps your brand take a stand on a meaningful subject, be it serious, humorous, or informative
  • It’s not just for PR: relevant content can be used to inform your customers at all stages of the funnel
  • More links = more authority
  • More authority = better website rankings

In a world where SEO is becoming extremely competitive, good content marketing campaigns can help boost your brand’s authority and set you apart from the competition. Google’s EAT algorithm update has placed even more importance on being the authority in your field. 

Google’s EAT for ranking purposes:

  • Expertise
  • Authoritativeness
  • Trustworthiness

Basically, Google wants to know if you’re a credible source: do you have links back to your website from relevant publications? Are you being talked about in your industry?

Whether you want a targeted link building campaign, or a larger piece of “creative content” designed to earn media coverage, I am highly experienced in delivering content campaigns of all sizes to increase your authority and align with your overall digital strategy.